Crossmount is a unique development located in a prairie oasis on the edge of the city of Saskatoon. It is the perfect place for people who have lived for many years in a rural environment, but equally so for people who have lived in a city and have sought the solace of the prairie landscape. A variety of services will be available ranging from fully independent to fully supported health care, making this a true campus-of-care community.

The beauty of living here isn’t only the beauty of the surroundings. It is the freedom to live independently doing the things you enjoy and the opportunity to try something new. It is the peace of watching a hawk soar or the bustle of market day at the Glen, the splendour of enjoying a prairie sunset from your deck or the joy of awakening to birdsong. The beauty of living here is the freedom of choices and the variety of options; it is the reassurance of knowing onsite health care is available if needed; it is the pleasure of making new friends and the comfort of maintaining old relationships.

An Idea

Crossmount was conceived in 2008 by a local businessman who felt there was a need for a new kind of ageing-in-place seniors’ community. Seeking to honour his Scottish family roots, Crossmount is named for the home in Scotland where one side of the family originates, while the first neighbourhood of independent houses, Fortingall, is the village from which the other side stems. As a philosophy, the development of Crossmount seeks to minimize its environmental footprint while utilizing the existing trees and vegetation as an ongoing amenity for its residents .

A Place

Located just five kilometers south of Saskatoon on Lorne Avenue (Highway 219), Crossmount is much more than just a place to live. It is also home to The Glen which boasts a restaurant, an event building called Glenlyon Hall, an Arts Barn and Saskatchewan’s newest cidery, The Crossmount Cider Company. Onsite apple orchards, vineyards, a chef’s garden, greenhouse and natural water feature offer something for everyone whether you live onsite or are just visiting, whether you simply want to relax or prefer to engage in something more hands on.

A Way of Life

At the heart of Crossmount is the desire to provide all residents with the opportunity to a rich and varied life through active and healthy living, all in a prairie oasis on the outskirts of Saskatoon. A true ageing-in-place community, Crossmount will feature a centre of excellence in health where residents will have access to onsite medical services regardless of whether they are living in a house, independent apartment life lease unit, fully serviced apartment rental unit or enhanced care suite. Services through all levels of health care will be provided onsite, with many amenities, activities and opportunities available to residents wishing to access them.